And Tomorrow's June!!

My goodness me how time flies!  At the beginning of the year I promised myself I'd write my blog more regularly - particularly as not everyone is on Facebook and able to follow my new work and ideas on that forum.  Well here we are and in a couple of hours time it's going to be June for goodness sake!  Where does the time go?  Is it because it's been so busy with things going on on many levels the last few months?... or is it because I'm getting older and time just seems to evaporate?

Anyway, a photograph... 
I've decided to post a photo of a painting that is currently on show in the Members' Exhibition at the St Ives Society of Artists.  It's only just come back to my studio again, having been painted a few years ago.  

I started this large and highly textured canvas painting some years ago on a workshop led by the inimitable Anthony Frost.  It was originally painted with brightly coloured reds, florescent pinks and yellows.  It looked gorgeous, but just wasn't 'me'.  So I later over painted it with white and very pale blue grey acrylics, but the underlying colours still peaked through in places and I just loved the new version.  

It's been hanging in my kitchen in our large house on The Terrace since then - but we sold the house this month and so I'm delighted to be able to take it back again and show it in public.

It's title? 
(very aptly) "Red Frost Now White"

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