Work In Progress

I've finally had some quality time down in my lovely new studio, finishing off work that has been sitting on the side 'waiting for that final touch' and starting new pieces.  Quite often when I'm teaching a Mixed Media Abstract day school at home, the sample that I work on with my students turns out to be a piece that can go on to be a final painting, good enough for framing.

This is one I produced on a workshop with the lovely Nicola Fisher this week.  I was demonstrating using textured papers to form an interesting ground and then working into it with various mixed media.  I quite liked it, but felt I wanted to lighten the whole painting.

And this is how it is at the moment. 
I shall sit with it a little while and decide whether to alter it further.  I quite like the calmness of it and the very muted palette... we shall see!

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