Video of my Sketchbook

I recently sent for a new gadget that allows me to do a 'hands free' video whilst I'm painting, demonstrating etc.  Today I decided to finally set it up at my studio table to film the contents of my most recent sketchbook that I've just finished:

I decided against talking the whole way through the video, but think I might possibly do that next time.  What I hadn't expected was for it to take the next 3 hours to work out how to load the video properly onto social media!  The original film was flipped sidewards and it took ages and lots of googling and swearing and app installing to finally get it sorted.

But I really enjoyed it and so I think this could be the start of a whole lot of video posting!

You'll see on the video that there is a number 37 on the spine of my sketchbook.  Well, as you can see from this photo, I have rather a lot of them.  It has always been my way of working to always have a 'sketchbook' on the go - although they are part ideas books; part sketchbook; part diary of things I'm doing and places I've been; and partly somewhere to scrape off leftover paint from my palette when I finish a painting session.  They are worked chronologically and go back over 20 years.  

Whenever I have a solo exhibition of my work I like to have a few on display for visitors to look at - partly to show how my paintings and mixed media work evolves, but also to encourage people to have a go at creating an exciting, bulging sketchbook for themselves.

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