Notes From My Christmas Exhibition

I've had wonderful opening weekend with my Christmas Sale of work.  For many years now it's been a tradition that I hold a Christmas sale in my home studio - first up on The Terrace in my Studio Gallery and then more recently in our small cottage in Bullans Terrace.  But the cottage here really is too small to be able to show my paintings properly and more than six people visiting at one time can cause serious congestion!  So this year I decided to hire the exhibition room at St Ives Arts Club which is a wonderful room to display large paintings and I also have a wide selection of art books and jewellery for sale.

The above photo shows the key piece in the show... it's a textile triptych that I made 34 years ago!  It's never been displayed before as it's always been hung in our home, but as I say, the cottage is so wee, I don't have room to hang it properly and so I decided to show it in public for the first time.  This was created back in the days before I 'painted' and it features manipulated fabric and hand stitching - the design was drawn from sketches of an oyster shell and the blue colour way from mussel shells.

And below, my dears, is a photograph of me taken back in Woodstock where it hung for many years on our landing.... don't I look young?!  Hysterical....

The exhibition continues until the end of the week and a full posting of the work for sale has just been posted on my Facebook page.  I will try and load photos onto my blog too for those of you who are sensibly not Facebook followers!

If you happen to be in St Ives this week, please pop in and say hello.

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