Dayschools Update


One of the unfortunate knock-on affects of Corvid has been that I had to cancel all the workshops that had been pre-booked for the summer and I truly had hoped that I would be able to resume teaching in the autumn.

Well, here we are in late September and we're pretty much in the same situation.  Many of us are still feeling very vulnerable and St Ives itself is full to capacity.  One of the most enjoyable things about my workshops are that they're held in my compact, but beautiful studio in my garden and the experience is all about touching and being immersed in all the samples and things I have to share with you.  Having to be socially distanced and cautious takes a lot of the joy away from spending a relaxed session with me and so I have now made the decision that I won't be holding any dayschools at all this year.

Thank you to everyone who have agreed to postpone to a later date; and apologies to all of you who have contacted me recently asking about booking workshops later this year - let's hope things will get back to a new normal in the new year and I can resume teaching again.  

In the meantime, stay safe and keep creating!

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