Sunday, 12 February 2012

Flower Paintings

How Does Your Garden Grow? - 7" x 11"

Its been a busy week in the studio - and its was my birthday yesterday, so not a lot got done then!
  I've been trying to finish off the series of Flower Paintings that will go into the exhibition.

Flower Grid - 28" x 39"

This large one is the start of the flower series.  Each section of the grid is an individual flower image of collaged papers and acrylic paintings.

Two Flowers - 6" x 6"
Another small painting with collaged papers worked on board.

So I still have a bit left to do on the flower paintings and am trying to decide what to move onto next!.... could it be 'Venice'?  A subject I come back to time and time again as its such a fabulous place and I love using architectual 'arch' shapes in my paintings.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Have never been to Venice Sally (it's on the to do list). Love 'How Does Your Garden Grow'. Belated Happy Birthday - hope that you had fun. x

Sally MacCabe said...

I had a lovely birthday thankyou.. back to planet normal today! And you MUST see Venice - its the most glorious place (after St Ives that is!)