Thursday, 2 February 2012

Latest work for the exhibition

Been working hard again in the studio today finishing off a few of the paintings in my ‘flowers series’ for the Mother & Son Exhibition.  These are all painted with acrylics with some applied papers in one of them.

The start of the Anemones Painting

The finished Anemonies Painting (24" x 24")

Untitled as yet... 6" x 6"

Anemones in Bryony Burn Vase (6" x 6")

Sam and I have decided to do a self-portrait each for the exhibition.  This has been SO hard… I don’t do people – let alone me!  This still isn’t finished and will eventually have wording stamped across the canvas.  In the meantime I’ve had to had it up on the wall to avoid any input from Mabel the kitten!... oil paints and inquisitive cats don’t mix I’ve discovered.  Someone came into the studio today and immediately commented on it and realised it was meant to be me – husband John isn’t so sure it’s a likeness.  What do you think?

The first stages: a layer of acrylic paints with my feature 'spots'.  Then a  glaze of oil paint with pencil drawing on top.

Portrait of the Artist with her portrait!... god I hate these do-it-yourself photos!  How come all teenagers come out looking dead gorgeous and us older ladies just look even more haggard?!

Not finished yet... but does it look like me?


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Loving the flower series Sally (and the self portrait). Lesley


Oh I do love following along ...

I think there is a likeness in the self portrait. I saw it immediately in the pencil drawing ...

My fave, though, is the yet untitled one ... the colours are amazing! Have a lovely day x