Friday, 17 February 2012


Normally when I get up in the morning, I just stagger downstairs from the top floor of our house down to my studio on the ground floor to start work.  But today I decided to have a 'walk to work day', so put my coat on, stood on the doorstep to take this photo, and set off for Porthminster Point and the beach.

The path along Hain Walk is lined with these wonderful Cornish stone walls, encrusted with ivy and emerald moss and I just had to photograph it.

Coming round the point this is the view down onto the beach.  Our house is on the left, front row, third one in, next to the white one... I wouldn't want to live anywhere else (well, maybe Venice!)

This photo was a total accident!... but isn't it amazing!

Down on the beach the water has made this wonderful channel in the sand - it changes shape every day, and sometimes disappears completely.

I love the abstract design of the sand

The rocks at the far end of the beach - more lovely shapes and colours

The far end of the beach, so time to turn round and head home

Home again... and time to start work.


Lyn Wymer said...

Sally, I cant see any of the photos?!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

What a nice start to the day - there are definite benefits to be gained from a brisk walk and some fresh air before getting down to work. Lovely colours. Lesley x

Sally MacCabe said...

Oh no, not sure what to suggest! Leslie can see it...

Sally MacCabe said...

It was lovely... should do it more often! I've just discovered the joys of Tumblr Leslie - have you tried it. Check me out on:

Lyn Wymer said...

Seems OK now, although did take awhile to load ..