Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Offerings

Little Weed - 6" x 6"
(probably the last of the flower images)

My wonderful friend Carolyn Saxby popped in for coffee and yummy cookies this morning and, being Queen of Blogworld, helped me add bits and bobs to my site... so a big Valentine's thank you to Carolyn!

Things I Like - 28" x 39"

I've just finished this one off and am so pleased with it.  All sorts of bits and bobs featured that I've been hoarding and it even has a small altered book attached with wire.

Here's a small detail from "Things I Like"

... and another little bit


Jude said...

I want to see a bigger picture of 'things I like' coz I can't see enough detail! It looks fantastic and I already love it, just want to see all the bits!!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

And it's looking really good!!

Gilli3684 said...

This looks fabulous Sally. Proper job!

Chrissie said...

Beautiful - Carolyn's a treasure isn't she?

Sally MacCabe said...

Thanks Chrissie... and yes she is!!!