Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Afternoon tea

Yesterday at my Monday Art Group at the St Ives Arts Club, I got everyone to bring along cup and saucers and teapots to do still life drawings and paintings.  We all had a great time and they did some lovely work. This was my quick study, done with acrylics straight into my sketchbook, of two of my favourite cups made by Nigel Lambert.



really lovely Sally ... sorry I missed the class but was feeling really "stressed" yesterday and had so many things to do. I shall still try to paint my cups before next week's class tho'

have a lovely week xx

Sally MacCabe said...

We had a lovely time. I won't actually be there next Monday as I'm taking mum up to Oxford to catch her bus to Heathrow to catch her flight to Virginia, usa!!
By the way, am still getting very confused over having a blog (which is not taking off) AND a studio facebook page (which collect people more easily), so I'm seriously thinking of giving up the blog. What do you think 'wise friend of mine'?!!! x


blog posts do take longer to prepare as there are generally more photos and words ... but after a while you get attached to your blog and find it hard to stop

facebook is quicker and does get quicker shorter responses from people ... it's a "toughy"

before I read your message above ... I had already blogged about your blog and you may get some new followers etc. as a result. I can only say that it takes time for people to find you and to build up a following

is someone else taking the class or what are we supposed to be doing next week at class ... I'm trying to keep up on my own when I can't get there ... ?