Friday, 20 April 2012

Flower Book

I'm passionate about all things to do with books - sketchbooks, altered books, handmade books and my studio is full of ones I've made.  This lovely altered book called 'Flowers & Seeds' was bought at my exhibition and yesterday I delivered it to its new owner, David Wilkinson, another lover of books which is a wonderful compliment.  Time to get busy and make some more, me thinks...


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Such a 'novel' idea. he he

Joking apart, it is lovely Sally, well done. x

Sally MacCabe said...

Oh Leslie - thats brilliant!... and thank you. x

Lynn Holland said...

I am starting to think we were seperated at birth, there is so much the same that we like and like doing.
As well as photographing textured surfaces, I like all things to do with books and the wool would have appealed to me. Not to do anything with it just the look of it. I bought a ball of the most gorgeous red of the market last week, just because I liked it.
We should meet up at your nephews coffee shop, when I am at my sisters in July.
Lynn x