Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The last post... for a while?

After much soul searching, I've decided to abandon my blog for the timebeing... having set up a
Sally MacCabe Studio Gallery facebook page at the same time as this blog, I've decide the fb site
is much more user friendly and I don't have the time to keep two things going.... so check out all my
creative stuff over there.... bye and thank you for following me here


Jane Housham said...

What a shame I've only just found your blog, after you've stopped doing it. You like so many of the same things as me. I'm not such a big fan of FB but may still check you out there. We have Brooklyn Sketchbooks in common too.

Sally MacCabe said...

Well, I'm back again Jane! I will try my best to post regularly and hope you enjoy following me! Byeee