Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Exhibition: "Out of St Ives"

I thought I would belatedly blog an exhibition that a group of us from St Ives held at the
Trerise Gallery, Plymouth, back in April.  Situated on The Hoe is Plymouth, this gallery is situated in a beautiful position right on the water's edge and it inspired the five of us to produce some stunning work for the occasion.  So, myself, Doris Lindemann, Christine Allen, Marie Keeling and Paul Stayne curated a show that looked wonderful and received lovely compliments from the many visitors.  We were so pleased with the results.
* * *
I have to say, blogging this has been a complete nightmare!! Apart from having to remember to make my entries in reverse order, every time I try to upload photographs my laptop says Internet Explorers not working; shuts it down and I have to start again - grrrr!
 But I have persevered and by uploading images one at a time, here we are.....

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Julie said...

Sadly I can't see your images Sally. :-(