Thursday, 10 April 2014

Blue Artist's Sketchbook

 I thought it might be fun to photograph one of my hand-stitched and collaged artist's sketchbooks.
  The illustration above is the cover which is on khadi paper and the photos below are of the page spreads.
It measures about 6 inches square and is on heavy duty watercolour paper with collaged papers
 that I've monoprinted with acrylic paints.
I can't quite decide whether to add some words to this one
 - some wise and thought-provoking saying perhaps?  I'm not too sure...

This is the type of sketchbook that we produce on my 'Artists Sketchbook' Workshops
 held in my studio at home.  I'll post details of that in my next posting....


Debbie said...

I just love sketchbooks though never do them myself am loving the blues and browns in your last few entries.

Sally MacCabe said...

Thank you Debbie... this is very much an 'abstract' playing with design booklet, but I use a chronological sketchbook as an important way of working and have baskets of them (going back years) for visitors to my studio to browse.

Julie said...

I had great fun preparing papers in this way when Carolyn and I worked with you a few years ago. You've reminded how good this is and how I should really do some sketchbook work myself. Your sketchbooks are wonderful to look through and very inspiring.