Sunday, 28 December 2014

This Year... Next Year

On the spur of the moment a couple of weeks ago, I booked the St Ives Arts Club for a solo exhibition.  Christmas has just finished, I have a good selection of work at the moment, and I decided I might just as well sit down there meeting and greeting people, as sit at home eating chocolate and grazing the Christmas leftovers!

So yesterday, with the help of my artistic, tall and strong son Sam (perfect qualities for hanging an exhibition!) the show was hung and the doors opened.  I have lots of paintings and lots of jewellery on display, together with a few of my sketchbooks out on show to inspire people to 'have a go'.

I've set up a table to be able to paint while I'm there and play on my laptop

And here's the view from the window behind my desk....

... not bad eh?!!

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