Saturday, 24 January 2015

Large Sketchbook Project

This is one of several projects I've started this year.  Before Christmas I was lucky enough to catch the end of the Anselm Kieffer exhibition at the Royal Academy in London and was just blown away with the sheer scale and texture of his amazing paintings.  There were also display cases of his large sketchbooks which I was immediately drawn to.  When I exited through the giftshop (no pun intended!) I happened to spy this wonderful, khadi paper, loosely bound sketchbook which I thought would be ideal to work into.... so I just had to buy it!

My plan is to work onto the nutmeg coloured pages with just black and white materials.  I want to paint very freely with black and white acrylics and then eventually go back into the pages with various monochrome media like charcoal, marker pens, graphite - whatever springs to mind and hand.

The next couple of pages are interesting - I painted the pages very freely with white emulsion and then sprinkled on ash that I'd collected from the grate of my open fire.  I wondered whether it would stick - and it did!  You can see where I've made marks with my finger too.

And here's the latest page I've painted with acrylics and scratched through with a twig... lots more blogging on this to come!....

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