Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Walk

I finally managed to get out this afternoon and do a 'proper' walk - other than down to the studio or Co-op.  I pulled my back badly a week ago lifting a stupidly heavy desk into the back of a car  and have been suffering ever since.  However, I actually discovered Ibuprofen for the first time (I know, crazy at my stage in life) and the difference is remarkable!

So off out into the sunshine to look at St Ives Harbour from above as I walked along Park Avenue and then off for  Porthminster Point and back along the beach - just lovely.
I had hoped I'd seen some early violets, but I think it's still too early - but these leaves looked gorgeous

  But then, walking back from the beach towards the Pednolva, I saw this wonderful design on the huge granite wall below the station car park.

and there were more!...


I should love to paint highly textured versions of these onto huge canvases...

Of course, most 'normal' people would have been facing the other way enjoying the fabulous view... so here it is too!

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