Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mixed Media Abstract Painting Workshop

Last Saturday I had a very successful workshop here at home in my studio, teaching Paula how to create a mixed media painting using very simple design techniques and processes and I thought it might be nice to share the day with everyone, showing how we worked.

Using a fairly random illustration out of a magazine, you make a small viewfinder from paper and select certain areas that appeal from a design point of view.  Try not to be too influenced by colour as it can end up being any colourway you choose.

Draw four different designs you've isolated and then quickly fill in with watercolour paints to give an idea of tone.

The design was then transferred with pencil onto a 12" canvas.  Don't worry about being too accurate - this is abstract remember!  The next stage is to block in the areas with acrylic paints in your chosen colourway.

Start applying textured papers and text to different areas trying to give a balance to the design.  Here I've used bits from a vintage book, a heavily textured hand-made paper and scrumpled tissue - all stuck down with PVA glue.

Keep building up layers of paint with palette knifes, brushes, fingers until you get a finished painting that pleases you - it probably bears no resemblance to the original design atall!

And here's my finished painting.  I was going to put a red spot in the bottom lefthand corner to represent the kitchen cabinet knob in the original illustration, but decided he rust slash was more pleasing.
A very simple but effective technique.
If you would like to join me in a workshop sometime, just contact me and I will be happy to agree a date to suit you.


Julie said...

I really enjoyed the play day we had with Carolyn several years ago and you're inspiring me again to get the paints out. Thank you for this guide to producing a new painting. There's nothing better than getting scrunchy with papers and thick paint!

Emma said...

Rust & blue, some of my favorite colors. Enjoyed the process, thanks.

Sally MacCabe said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Emma... and it certainly does work well as a colour combination... yummy!

Sally MacCabe said...

There's nothing nicer than thinking that you can inspire people to have a go... and keep at it! Good luck with your work Julie x