Thursday, 30 April 2015

'Until Now' Exhibition

This week I have a solo exhibition down at St Ives Club and I'm so enjoying myself!  It's always wonderful to be able to show a large collection of my work which covers book sculptures, mixed media hangings, art books and jewellery - apart from my paintings.  I've been so busy with people coming by and friends dropping in for a chat, that I haven't managed to get my paints out yet and actually do any paintings, which I'd planned to do.

The opening on Saturday was buzzing with people and I've already made some good sales.  I'm posting below images of a few of the items that have now gone to new homes....

Coastal Path 

Safe Haven 

A collection of papier mache bowls 


Halcyon Days

'Wedding' book sculpture



So pleased to hear your show is going well ... great that you've sold loads. The side bar is looking good ... slideshow looking good and followers box back to normal ... well done for sorting it out. Blog looking lovely. Hope the rest of your show is a huge success. Love xx

Sally MacCabe said...

Thank you for your help Carolyn... I finally have the bits on my blog that I wanted! I'm still having a great time down at the exhibition and the feed back has been wonderful. Hope to see you again soon x