Friday, 3 July 2015

Corfu Book Sculpture

It's been a while, yet again, since I've posted.  There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline at the moment, but before I post about those on my blog, I thought I'd share a few photos taken during a wonderful week in Corfu during May.

I stayed in a delightful little resort called Kalami and enjoyed wandering over the headland which was covered with olive trees to the next little bay round.  As always I scoured the shoreline for little treasures that I could bring home with me and use in my work.

During a trip to Corfu Town I was very frustrated not to be able to buy an old Greek book to use as a book sculpture - I could only find one bookshop and there was nothing suitable.  When I got back to my hotel I was recounting my tale of woe to our lovely receptionist Gina, and bless her cotton socks, the next day she came into work with one of her own books for me to use.

So here are a couple of photos of the final outcome... my Corfu book sculpture which features stones, a rusty washer and olive leaves collected from my walks, and the wording says: Its All Greek To Me (in both english and greek!)

And here are a few photos I've selected that are images I love from that holiday together with a page out of my sketchbook showing a quick drawing done with watercolour and watersoluables on gesso.


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