Friday, 15 January 2016

Online Book

Before Christmas I purchased a voucher to create a hardback book with Bonusprint.  I finally managed to put together all the images of my work that I wanted to include and submitted it on New Years Eve.

The copy I received through the post is really impressive, and if you click (or maybe cut and paste) the link below, you should hopefully be able to see the online version.

Just to say, the black pages show actual photographs I've taken that have inspired some of my paintings and the pages with white backgrounds how either paintings I have done, or are pages from my sketchbooks. 

* * * *

* * * *


Julie said...

Wow! It's a tremendous book Sally, you've done a great job and you must be delighted to see all your work in this format. Fabulous!

Sally MacCabe said...

Thanks Julie... it surprised even me! I've plans to get a book published that I can sell some time soon - so stay posted! x