Sunday, 2 October 2016

Altered Painting

A Touch of Aubergine

I painted this large 100x 120cm canvas on spec for a customer a couple of years ago.  She'd seen a painting in my studio that she loved, but she wondered if I could do something along similar lines, but larger and in these colours.  It features a lot of applied papers and Thai text.  Sadly it wasn't quite right for her, but I really liked it and have shown it in Back Road Artworks and St Ives Arts Club a couple of time.

But I eventually decided (as I quite often do with paintings that I've lived with for a little while) to repaint the canvas in a calmer, blue/grey colour way.    Here's the result.  I'm loving it all over again and have now titled the work 
"No Longer a Touch of Aubergine"!



it's now very much more "you" ♥

Sally MacCabe said...

Thank you Carolyn,.. it certainly feels a lot more like me and is very much my signature colour way x