Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The End of the Exhibition...

My solo exhibition 'Homecoming' at Chipping Norton Theatre has been a success in so many ways.  Since it was the first time I'd had a show in Oxfordshire since moving to St Ives in 2000 it was a wonderful opportunity to contact all my old customers, friends and contacts and invite them to come along - or simply remind them that I'm still out there... working away... and now have a stylish website where they can see all my new work.

The pantomime at Chipping Norton is one of the best in the country and over the Christmas period it has a huge footfall of people coming through.  But would they take time to come and look at the work in the gallery?  They did!  I've sold a lot of paintings; had a great feedback from people;  and had good coverage in the local papers and on social media.
 So I'm glad I made the decision to commit to doing an exhibition over 18 months ago.


Today I drove up to Witney to stay with my sister, and tomorrow I go over the theatre to take the remaining work down and away with me to Cornwall.

This is one of the large canvases coming home with me.  It was only finished just in time to be included in the exhibition and I think I might live with it in my cottage for a while before putting down at Back Road Artworks for sale.  It makes me smile.